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The election season is upon us, and with it comes the usual cocktail of uncertainty, anxiety, and market jitters.

It's enough to make even the most seasoned investor break a sweat.

However, today I’m happy to announce a solution to navigate this volatility with confidence.

That’s where our Election Bundle comes in.

With this bundle, you can select a model portfolio of your choice for an entire year…

And get one free month of our Stock Tracker 50 membership!

This is the perfect combination to conquer the next few months - as both of these products work hand-in-hand together.

Remember, our powerful model portfolios are built on a foundation of unbiased, data-driven research.

They are designed to empower regular investors with the same knowledge Wall Street has been leveraging for years…

With rare exceptions, our Model Portfolios have consistently outperformed the S&P 500, even during volatile times!

In fact, in 2023, we delivered stock picks that outperformed their benchmarks and major indexes: 

  • Our large cap long/short strategy beat the Risk-Free Rate by 30%.
  • Our large and small cap long/short strategy beat the Risk-Free Rate by 17%.
  • Our large cap long strategy beat the S&P 500 by 16%.
    Our Model Portfolios are trusted and used by: 

    • Merrill Lynch,
    • Morgan Stanley,
    • Raymond James,
    • UBS, and
    • Many RIAs.
      Here are the Model Portfolio options you can choose from:
      • 12-Month Access to the Most Attractive Stocks Model Portfolio: Stocks with high-quality earnings and cheap valuations. You deserve to know the truth about fundamentals and valuation and enjoy the benefits of proven-superior research!
      • 12-Month Access to the Most Dangerous Stocks Model Portfolio: Stocks with low-quality earnings and expensive valuations. By avoiding these stocks, you can protect your portfolio from exposure to major downside risk and market downturns.
      • 12-Month Access to the Dividend Growth Stocks Model Portfolio: Stocks with growing dividends and strong, vetted fundamentals. The perfect portfolio for investors who aim for steady income and capital appreciation.
      • 12-Month Access to the Safest Dividend Yields Model Portfolio: Stocks with high dividend yields and the cash flow to maintain such high yields.
      • 12-Month Access to the Exec Comp Aligned with ROIC Model Portfolio: Stocks with executive compensation aligned with return on invested capital, to ensure executives’ interests are aligned with shareholders’ interests.
        Our community has different investing goals and preferences.

        That’s why we’re giving YOU the option to select your preferred Model Portfolio.

        Regardless of which portfolio you pick, you’ll get a FREE month of our Stock Tracker 50 membership!

        With The Stock Tracker 50, you get:

        • The ability to place 50 tickers into your portfolio for updates and tracking. You can monitor changes in ratings and get alerts when they change. You can also customize your portfolio according to your preferences and goals.
        • Access to ratings on over 10,000 stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. These are unbiased ratings based on the quality of earnings and valuation of each security. They are proven to outperform human analysts and other sources.
        • Unlimited access to view the ratings for any ticker. You can search for any security and see its rating, along with the component ratings that drive our overall Risk/Reward rating. You can also compare different securities and see how they stack up against each other
        You’ll get access to our superior stock ratings at a fraction of the price of our Professional Membership.

        These are the same stock ratings that outperform Wall Street analysts’ ratings – as proven by Harvard Business School.

        Plus, you’re not “locked in” to a contract with this bundle, and you’ll be able to cancel your Stock Tracker 50 membership at any time in the future.

        So what are you waiting for?

        This election bundle is only available until Friday, February 16th at 11:59 pm Pacific.

        Here’s what others have to say about our stock picks and research:

        “New Constructs is like 95% of my business. To me, New Constructs is basically essential to investing.”
        - Charles Wilton

        “New Constructs provides the best, most rigorously calculated financial data on the metrics that matter: NOPAT, Invested Capital, Return on Invested Capital, Economic Profit or EVA, and Free Cash Flow.”
        - John Rotonti, Investment Analyst

        “New Constructs leverages my expertise in areas where I don't have enough people to break down all the balance sheet stuff, footnote stuff, and standardize it and do it every quarter. It amplifies your capabilities.”
        - David Hendler

        “When I buy a stock rated by New Constructs, I am reasonably sure--nothing is perfect-- that the stock has intrinsic value and reasonable prospects to retain that value, regardless of the value assigned by the market at a particular point in time.  New Constructs is the most complete and consistent analysis available to me, and it has made me a more confident and successful investor.”
        - Jeffrey T.

        “I feel much more comfortable knowing that New Constructs is providing an additional layer of due diligence to my research by analyzing footnotes and making adjustments to the true economic earnings. New Constructs help me clearly see if a company is truly creating value for its shareholders.”
        - Brady Raanes, Raanes Capital Management

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